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Kombat Kapers

Great job ]{; the Kombat Kapers was great. Though I suppose this whole post is banality, because the commonality of your work being good is near totality. Soon teachers will make their students watch your videos and it will be just be another normality of the day (ok I don't posses your's and Bezo's ability for the ality). The Extras seem to be almost taking to large of a role (in my opinion) but never the less I think they show off your great personality (You used that one :\ ). The music before Kombat Kapers, was great as well. Definently a 5/5 and I'm putting it on my favorites.

Bezo responds:

I am Bezo, dangit. Lousy ]{0MBAT, getting all the credit for my hard work. I WILL DESTROY YOU, ]{OMBAT!!!

Anyway, thanks for the review. The extras are getting way out of hand. Tell ]{0MBAT that you want less of them (since they take up way more of my time than the rest).


Rape is not a funny matter. I wish I would have seen this movie when you first submitted it so I could blow a whistle.


I'd like to 5ee a movie where I wa5n't told that I wa5 going to vote 5. 5till thi5 i5 a very good movie. Some part5 were meh. But four the mo5t part it wa5 a Five.

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Great job, I didn't realize what I was doing at first but as soon as I started I couldn't stop. I tried just getting rid of things that didn't matter but everything did (besides the birds).


OMFG TRICKY! Well as much as I hate looking at a clowns dick for .01 seconds it's better than some of the other 1x1 blank documents though those don't take up as much of NG's space.


My highest score so far is 742.
almost all the words that I found missing were names but here's the list (I'll email you any others I find later)
J00 - Didn't expect it to be there but it means you
Dos - as in Ms Dos
Jen - name
Kim - name
Rom - (don't know what it stands for but) it's the name for games that work on an emulator.
Soe - Sony online entertainmeant, as well as other companies I also beleive this is how u spell soe like you soe a shirt.
Pex - as in your abdomin's muscles
Peas - plural thing I guess
Nate - name
Bae - Flight company, and I also beleive bay are ____
Han - as in the Han Dynasty of china
Nerf - As in the toy gun company
Ren - as in MC Ren (used to be in NWA)
Nas - Rapper
N.o.r.e. - Rapper
Sony - As in the company and the name (I have an uncle "Sony")
HUD - (Don't know what it stands for but) it's the extra stuff in video games such as life, bullets, armor, ect.
Doa - Dead on arrival, Dead or Alive,
Zair - name, a place in the bible accosiated with Joram's campaign aganst Edom. I think it's a country in Africa as well.
Gil - Final Fantasy currency.
Tex - name (as in the famous (Looney Toons) Cartoonist "Tex Avery")
Ive - contraction for I have (I've)
nads\nad - testicles
Pae - another company one, and also a chinese name.
Sid - Name (as in Sid Meyer the creator of "The Sims" and many other games).
Died - As in somoned died
LoL - Sure as hell don't expect you to have it but Laugh out loud
AV wire - The 3 colored wires that many electronics have to connect to tv's.
Fifa - Soccer Tournameant (also a series of Video Games based on the tournamenat).
Nat - A small bug

liljim responds:

Most of the things you've detailed are slang or acronyms rather than words. As for names, there are some names in there, but that's due to the fact that they're synonymous to other words. For example, "Jimmy" - nickname for "James", but also a crowbar.

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Sounds Like a few songs I've heard

OK not biggest but I'm a fan of "R" and the music is no different.

PS: I'm from america and English is my native language :D

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