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Kombat Kapers

Great job ]{; the Kombat Kapers was great. Though I suppose this whole post is banality, because the commonality of your work being good is near totality. Soon teachers will make their students watch your videos and it will be just be another normality of the day (ok I don't posses your's and Bezo's ability for the ality). The Extras seem to be almost taking to large of a role (in my opinion) but never the less I think they show off your great personality (You used that one :\ ). The music before Kombat Kapers, was great as well. Definently a 5/5 and I'm putting it on my favorites.

Bezo responds:

I am Bezo, dangit. Lousy ]{0MBAT, getting all the credit for my hard work. I WILL DESTROY YOU, ]{OMBAT!!!

Anyway, thanks for the review. The extras are getting way out of hand. Tell ]{0MBAT that you want less of them (since they take up way more of my time than the rest).


Rape is not a funny matter. I wish I would have seen this movie when you first submitted it so I could blow a whistle.


I'd like to 5ee a movie where I wa5n't told that I wa5 going to vote 5. 5till thi5 i5 a very good movie. Some part5 were meh. But four the mo5t part it wa5 a Five.


I was watching the opening viedo for Halo yesterday and your motions beat the hell out of theirs. Congratulations I think you deserve a raise.


That owned; great job the only thing that I could think that would make it even better is like one thing per scene that would be a different color like his bandana. Somthing that changes the character.


All I know is that 2/3 people prefer Batman over Spider-Man. Nice movie just wasn't to my liking. Specifically the parts that included "Spider-Man" in a humorous way if it was serious it'd be sick or if it was a serious Batman that'd be even better.
Batman owns Spider-Man


I wish everytime somone got drunk they would have to go through that (besides the ending). Great movie; please make more.


I hate you and your saladie fingers. But I can't stop watching whatever compells me to keep watching these sick movies is working; and now that I've seen all four I'm curious as to what will happen to Refrain Brain and Salad Fingers.


If you put this one and two together it would still = shit. AND YOU SPELLED CYRAX'S NAME WRONG. But if you keep working on these you will get good. Make some more.


Forgive me for being picky but I know that the wasn't a male Error Macro glitch in MKII I forget wheater Skarlet (female ninja Error Macro) came about in II or 3 or U3. You tinted Ermac; instead of pallete swapping, and it looks like you did his fatality in paint. Veiw some good fakes online and make another movie (that includes the correct errors) then you'll have an <I>"Outstanding"</I> movie.

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